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Why Buy A Home Through a Realtor®?

By Debbie Murray

  1. Have seller’s confidence because Realtors work with qualified buyers
  2. May provide an objective analysis of the market
  3. Network with other Realtors to know when a home is coming to the market or if one is listed, however, not in MLS (hip pocket listings)
  4. Have constant exposure to the marketplace
  5. Help the Buyer be less inconvenienced
  6. Help the Buyer enjoy more security
  7. Other professional showmanship
  8. Have an advocate looking after your best interest (builder’s look after their own)
  9. Can follow-up effectively
  10. Can ask personal questions the Buyer can’t
  11. Are trained to handle a variety of personalities
  12. Understand the Buyer’s wants and needs
  13. Can negotiate without conflict
  14. Have access to reputable professionals thru out the home buying process
  15. Can help avoid legal problems
  16. Can help you MAXIMIZE your re-sale.

Texas Associate Broker Debbie Murray helps luxury home sellers in the Dallas area facilitate real estate transactions through education. Contact Debbie at 214-558-1004.