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Is Home Staging Really Necessary?

By Debbie Murray

No matter the price of a home, the quality of a home, or the area of a home, the answer is unquestionably yes! Staging allows buyers to visualize their belongings in a seller’s home.

There are three elements of staging that include décor, de-cluttering and de-personalizing, and flow. Although staging is not decorating, it is true that the better a home is decorated with furnishings that enhance the style of the home the better it will show. Soft contemporary homes show better with soft contemporary furnishings as many soft contemporary homes have a light and airy feel, and many of the contemporary furnishings do as well. This is not to say that a home cannot have a mix of furnishing styles. However, when in doubt consult a decorator or a staging professional.

Clutter and personal items are a distraction when showing a home. Clutter reduces counter and closet space in most cases, and potential buyers may be focused on religious artifacts or family portraits when touring a home instead of the home itself. Does every portrait have to be removed? No. A home is a "home." Without a few photos a home looks staged and not lived in.

Flow is key when showing a home and furniture placement impacts every room. After unsuccessfully trying to sell her home, one seller contacted me after I had sold her neighbor’s home the prior summer. After touring her home I could see that the home needed staging and that the den furniture placement interrupted the traffic flow of the room. I made suggestions to the seller to prepare her home for the market. Some of the changes would cost her money and some were free such as furniture placement. Changes included landscaping clean up, painting the dining room and a bathroom, installation of wrought iron balusters on her staircase, and accessorizing her home. This willing seller made the changes and we got her home sold!

As an Accredited Staging Professional, I have training that benefits my sellers as they prepare their home for the market. Many times a decorating professional will also be hired as part of our team. Even in a fast-paced real estate market, the highest opportunity to sell a home is in the first few weeks of presenting the home to the market, therefore, having the repairs completed, the home staged, and the correct pricing are critical for a successful sale.

It’s been said that "the cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction."

Broker/Realtor® Debbie Murray helps luxury home sellers in the Dallas area stage their homes to get the best price in the shortest time on the market. Contact Debbie at 214-558-1004.