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Dallas Luxury Home Market Report Blog from Debbie Murray

Custom Landscaping

Custom Landscaping By Debbie Murray One of the fastest ways to enhance the exterior of your home is to customize the landscaping. Some builders provide minimal landscaping upon completion of a home. Upgraded landscaping may provide height, color, texture, and year round blooms or greenery. For the second year in a row the National Association [...]

Contract Timelines and Performance Dates

Contract Timelines and Performance Dates By Debbie Murray One of the easiest ways to breach a real estate contract is to miss a performance deadline. If a party wants to "walk away" from a contract, you have made it easier for them to do so by missing your performance deadlines. You should consult a real [...]

Submitting Offers

Submitting Offers By Debbie Murray I am frequently asked, "How much should I offer the seller?" The simple answer to that question is where did the seller price their home in relationship to the market? The difficult answer is that in a low-inventory seller’s market that you may have offer list price, near list price, [...]

Why Buy A Home Through a Realtor?

Why Buy A Home Through a Realtor®? By Debbie Murray Have seller’s confidence because Realtors work with qualified buyers May provide an objective analysis of the market Network with other Realtors to know when a home is coming to the market or if one is listed, however, not in MLS (hip pocket listings) Have constant [...]

Home Improvement & Remodeling ROI

Home Improvement & Remodeling ROI By Debbie Murray The National Association of Realtors reports that kitchens, baths, and outdoor projects bring the highest value to a home for dollars spent. In Texas the backyard oasis definitely adds additional value. With our hot summers and generally mild winters, pools, outdoor cooking centers, and outdoor fire pits [...]

The Importance of Record Keeping

The Importance of Record Keeping By Debbie Murray The best time to begin record keeping for your new home is at closing. You will receive many documents at closing, such as the settlement statement (which will aid you at tax time), the deed, a copy of the survey, and the appraisal. Keep all closing documents [...]

Disclosing Multiple Offers

Disclosing Multiple Offers By Debbie Murray As a seller it is great to receive multiple offers on your home. However, problems may arise in a multiple-offer situation. Sellers may work offers in any order received. Sellers do not have to adhere to a Code of Ethics. Realtors do, which is why if a listing agent [...]

What is a Hip Pocket Listing?

Watch videos to learn about Hip Pocket listings… Watch videos to learn about Hip Pocket listings… Call Debbie Murray at 214-558-1004

Filing Your Homestead Exemption in Dallas!

Filing Your Homestead Exemption in Dallas! By Debbie Murray Remember that if you purchased a home in the Dallas area last year and owned this property as a primary residence on January 1st of this year, you are eligible for a homestead exemption. Filing for your homestead exemption is simple with online technology. Visit the [...]

Is Home Staging Really Necessary?

Is Home Staging Really Necessary? By Debbie Murray No matter the price of a home, the quality of a home, or the area of a home, the answer is unquestionably yes! Staging allows buyers to visualize their belongings in a seller’s home. There are three elements of staging that include décor, de-cluttering and de-personalizing, and [...]

Inspecting a Home in Dallas

Inspecting a Home in Dallas By Debbie Murray Once a contract has been executed for the purchase of a home, buyers are allowed an inspection (or option period) to inspect the home. A typical home inspection would include the general inspection plus a termite inspection. However, buyers may want to consider a structural home inspection [...]